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About Us

Since our inception, JT Consulting Engineers has been totally focused on building innovative, quality and efficient engineering design concepts.

JT Consulting Engineers provides high quality, professional structural and civil engineering consultancy services. We are committed to adding value to our clients' projects and businesses and to the growth and sustainability of our industry.

Combining years of engineering experience and a proven track record with a culture of innovation and lateral thinking, we're here to support your architecture and add value to your project visions. Through collaborative partnerships, fresh thinking and the courage to explore new possibilities, we transform your visions into reality.


Offering a full range of structural and civil engineering design services, our team of dedicated engineers readily take responsibility for design and documentation. 

From design to delivery, our expert team delivers the quality, efficiency and creativity your projects demand.

Supporting and partnering with top architects, innovative designers, builders and demanding clients, we are proud to have played a role in assisting to bring thousands of design concepts into stunning reality.

With a commitment to operate with honesty and integrity, and a multi-disciplinary approach to business, our clients can be assured they are being offered a full package of services at the right place.

Our commitment to you is simple - we provide exceptional customer service, ethical business practices, and timely design advice resulting in quality and successful outcomes.

We are Australian owned, utilising the services of our highly skilled local engineers and draftspersons.  

We proudly support the Australian economy, performing all within Australia.

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